Engineering school

Our school of engineers is an answer to the increased demand of companies for highly qualified engineering staff.

Has it ever happened to you that you were unable to recruit suitably qualified and competent people during a project?

– It happened to us, therefore we decided to improve the process of introducing new employees to work in our company.


Thanks to our original monitoring and training process, we developed a quick and effective method of introducing engineers to work on projects.

We now share the benefits of this programme with our clients by giving them the opportunity to work with the engineers we have trained.


Afterwards, these engineers work successfully for companies in various industries, like automotive, aviation and others, in the outsourcing system.

Our engineers are trained depending on their field of expertise, e.g:

  • mechanical engineer is trained from the engineer’s manual of IMI-Polska, carries out sample training projects with behavioural elements on a selected leading CAD software, broadens the scope of knowledge in pneumatics and hydraulics, learns the correct choice of drives, trains in engineering calculations including MES, learns industry standards, etc.
  • automation/electrical engineer just like the mechanical engineers is train from the engineer’s manual of IMI-Polska and carries out sample projects. They acquire expertise in industrial PLC programming and creating visualization for HMIs. They learn to design control cabinets together with wiring diagrams in one of the leading electrical CAD programmes.