Service platforms

We make service platforms for machines and production lines from design to installation.

Service platforms

Work platforms standardised according to PN-EN ISO 14122 require the designer to take the right approach already at the concept stage. Experience and knowledge are what is needed to ensure safe use of work platforms while at the same time optimising weight. The use of tools for strength analysis is also important. We design and construct work platforms for machines and production lines, both existing and newly built.

The experience and practice gained during many years of developing service platforms allow us to make products in accordance with the highest standards. Ensuring proper access to machinery and equipment is one of the guidelines of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Our service platforms provide safety for every employee

The key aspect of the use of work platforms is to ensure that employees are properly secured during their daily work. Our service platforms have a lightweight yet robust construction that meets the requirements of the European standard. They are easy to install and allow free access to the work area.

We manufacture welded service platforms made of steel profiles, painted, made of stainless steel and also aluminium ones made from extruded profiles.

The permanent means of access are as follows:
• work platforms and passages,
• ladders,
• stairs,
• stepladders,
• guardrails,
• self-closing gates.
It is also important to determine the load-bearing capacity of the service platforms, while taking into account:
• an estimate of the number of people using the platform at the same time,
• the list of necessary tools and spare parts for the machine,
• dynamic mass (impacts on the structure),
• load concentration and mass distribution.
Our welding facility has implemented the PN-EN ISO 1090 welding standard, which guarantees the highest quality of service platforms offered. Each order is accompanied by a terminal inspection report.

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