Screw (worm) conveyors

IMI-Polska offers various types of conveyors and transporters.

Screw (worm) conveyors - our offer:

The choice of a specific type and functionality of the models we create is adapted to the needs of a given company, as we want these mechanisms to meet the company’s needs in the greatest extent possible.

We offer, among others, screw conveyors, also known as worm conveyors.

How do screw conveyors work?

Screw conveyors, or worm conveyors, are based on a system of a spiral, hidden in a capacious tube. This tube, or rather a trough, can be open or closed. It is therefore O- or U-shaped. During operation, the spiral (worm) rotates, causing the motion of the transported material. Screw conveyors have very robust design. They are mostly made of steel or durable plastic. When purchasing screw conveyors, you should pay attention to four important parameters. First of all, the length of the device, that is the distance between the feeding and discharging. Secondly, the inner diameter of the trough. Thirdly, the pitch of the worm screw, that is the distance between the successive screw threads. Finally, the efficiency of the device, which is the ability to move a certain volume of material during a specific period of time. All these parameters translate into the efficiency of the entire production. When designing screw conveyors for our customers, we always conduct a detailed interview and on the basis of this information we help them choose the best model.

Where do screw conveyors work best?

Screw conveyors are used to move loose and light-weight materials. They can carry the materials horizontally, vertically as well as diagonally, therefore they are suitable for almost any layout and even for very limited spaces. They are most often used as devices operating at tanks, silos and various product feeders. Screw conveyors can be used in almost every industry and economic field. However, they are most often recommended in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agricultural sectors, as well as in the construction, processing industry and mining industry. Screw conveyors allow to transport even quite problematic items such as highly dusty, high temperature, toxic, highly abrasive, caked, sticky or moist substances.

What are the benefits of worm conveyors?

Worm conveyors have a closed form, which allows them to transport any substance that should be isolated from the environment. They are also very good at dealing with problematic substances that are, for example, particularly sticky, clumping or toxic. Undoubtedly, worm conveyors streamline the production process, just like other types of conveyors. They make it possible to reduce costs and limit the human factor. The production process is thus more automated.

The benefits of worm conveyors





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