Technical installations

Specialists from IMI-Polska carry out both simple and very complex installations for the construction of production lines as well as the connection of specific machines and equipment.

Technical installations

When it comes to technical installations, we offer, among others, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic installations. We guarantee premium quality and full professionalism.

The services are provided by our best specialists – engineers with many years of experience.

Technical installations and their types

We provide our customers with technical installations that combine modern technologies with proven, reliable solutions. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality of realised projects. The installations are failure-free and adapted to special tasks. Their effectiveness is confirmed by numerous tests. Our technical installations can be distinguished into electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic – each type is described in more detail below.

Electrical installations

Among others, we design, implement and commission technical installations in the electrical version. We also offer modernisation and extension of already existing systems. We offer, among others, comprehensive low-voltage electrical installations, wiring of industrial machines and equipment, construction of industrial structural networks, installation of wall and suspended cable trays, construction of wireless and wired industrial networks of various types. Our structures ensure a constant and uniform supply of electricity, which is so crucial for the work of industrial enterprises, including manufacturing companies.

Pneumatic installations

Our offer of technical installations also includes the design and implementation of reliable pneumatic installations. Such an installation consists of high-quality pipes, made of multilayer plastics and metal connectors. The individual components are joined together during the welding process. Thanks to this method, we can achieve the highest possible tightness and reliability of constructions. We use professional pipe welders to connect individual components. When constructing technical installations in the pneumatic version, apart from individual requirements, we take into account various factors, including the diameter, material, application of the designed construction, possibility of its future expansion, environmental and industrial conditions, as well as the required working pressures and demand for compressed air.

Hydraulic installations

We design and manufacture various technical installations – including hydraulic installations. The service consists, in particular, in the execution of new and optimisation of existing hydraulic systems. We also offer an appropriate selection of connectors, tubes and pipes together with a system of hose fixing and protection. We also build installations based on a ready-made hydraulic scheme. We make installations on bent steel pipes, and we make hydraulic hoses. If necessary, we also start machines and equipment based on power hydraulics.

Materials for technical installations

In technical installations we use materials of superior quality, which guarantee their reliable and failure-free operation. In addition, all our technical installations are characterised by compact design, as far as possible, adaptability and advanced automation. The components are perfectly integrated with each other and thus they offer smooth operation. Our technical installations also guarantee easy servicing and maintenance. Both the assembly and possible service or maintenance work is carried out by our best specialists, who have extensive experience in working with various devices and modules that are part of production lines.

What are the benefits of properly constructed technical installations?

Technical installations made in a professional and reliable way allow to reduce costs connected with operation, servicing and energy consumption. Our systems and solutions lead to huge savings for the entrepreneur. We also offer the highest quality and reliability of seals used when constructing installations. Moreover, the designed structures are extremely durable and resistant to any mechanical damage.

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