Industrial conveyors and transporters

Conveyors and transporters are essential elements of virtually every production line. IMI-Polska offers unique, high-quality solutions that will take production to a higher level.

Industrial conveyors and transporters - our offer:

In our work, we use the latest technologies and innovative solutions. The equipment we offer is “tailor-made” to the needs of a given company. Our best engineers listen to companies’ needs in order to develop perfect technological solutions.

Our conveyors and transporters enable the handling of all kinds of materials – loose, compact, containers, cans and many others. We offer a variety of reliable mechanisms, based on the components of the best manufacturers on the market.

How do we work?

We produce conveyors and transporters based on a fixed scheme. First we create a preliminary concept in cooperation with the client. Once all the necessary details are established, we prepare a final draft. We achieve all objectives using the SAFETY (secure, agile, fixed price, engineering, on time, yield) strategy. Next, we carry out a comprehensive assembly and check the operation of the completed facilities. We also offer ongoing warranty and post-warranty service and spare parts for existing conveyors and transporters. We implement each project in a turnkey system. As a result, our clients receive fully professional services.

We offer various conveyors and transporters. The choice of a specific type and functionality of the models we create is adapted to the needs of a given company, as we want these mechanisms to meet the company’s needs in the greatest extent possible. Their aim is to streamline and speed up the production process. Therefore, our engineers consult all the steps with the client at the stage of developing the project concept. All this to provide a product that is practical, durable and very efficient in the conditions of the company in question.

Belt conveyors

The most popular type of conveyors selected by our clients are belt conveyors. These types of conveyors are perfect for production, in almost every branch of industry. They are used by companies with different profiles, including even sorting plants and warehouses which, as we all know, have special requirements in this respect. Belt conveyors can either be independent devices or can be used as part of an entire production or process line.

Plate conveyors

Conveyors and transporters are also available in a plate version. They perform well not only in the manufacturing but also in the transport sector. They are successfully used for example in small or larger warehouses. We make them on special extremely durable plate link chains. In this respect, we offer single-row, multi-row, straight running and curved conveyors. Our specialists are able to prepare even the most complex and difficult to construct conveyors.

Modular conveyors

Conveyors and transporters can also be based on special modular belts. Such modular conveyors are best suited for production companies handling products of various weights. Furthermore, modular conveyors offer many attractive features. Our engineers can equip them with, among other things, special scrapers and a side curtain. They can be used for standard horizontal transport as well as diagonal transport.

Roller conveyors

IMI-Polska offers also high-quality roller conveyors. We provide conveyors and transporters in both gravity and driven versions. We can construct a device with a single gear or one equipped with special V-belts. Sometimes we also use conical rollers. The choice of drive type depends on the specific nature of a given production. However, thanks to the use of durable and solid material, our conveyors and transporters guarantee top-notch quality. In particular, we use stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanised steel as well as PVC sheathing.

Spiral conveyors

We also propose unique solutions for companies where production takes place on several floors or in very limited space. In such cases, the use of spiral conveyors may be a great solution. They enable convenient and completely safe handling of individual products.

Benefits of using transporters:


Faster and maintenance-free transport of materials


Reduced production costs and enhanced productivity


Improved work safety


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