FEM strength calculations

We perform strength calculations using the finite element method (FEM).

Our experienced team of engineers has professional tools for calculating strength of structures as well as deflection and deformation.

We have tools for performing the following:

  • static calculations
  •  fatigue strength calculations
  •  dynamic calculations
  •  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  •  thermal analysis
  •  modal analyses
  •  strength calculations of structures
  •  pressure calculations
  •  analysis of contact points
  •  screwed joints
  •  welded joints

The basic strength analysis is static analysis, which covers a wide range of structural calculations. Under defined boundary conditions, we can perform strength calculations of welded and bolted structures in relation to the requirements of any type of standard. In terms of static analysis, we also perform calculations in which pressure may be the load.
We perform dynamic analysis for systems in which the load is variable in time. A special case of dynamic analysis is modal analysis, which allows us to deal with vibration analysis.
Analyses using the thermal load of the systems are very often performed for pipelines in which the transported medium is transferred at temperatures that differ from ambient temperature. This allows to estimate the deformation (elongation) of pipes and to predict the places where it is necessary to use additional means that do not prevent damage to the structure (e.g. by using expansion joints).

The benefits of working with us:


Quick and professional assessment of the correctness of conceptual designs


Safety of the end user of the product


Reduction of production costs by optimisation of designs


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