Engineer outsourcing

Have you ever been in a situation where there was a shortage of resources for a project?

Engineer outsourcing

Have you ever been in a situation where there was a shortage of resources for a project?

It is with this in mind that we have prepared the engineer outsourcing service. Our employees can also work for the client directly, at the client’s own premises.

This reduces travel time and makes it easier to prepare a schedule work that is convenient for the entrepreneur.

IMI-Polska - the best specialists in the industry - CATIA, CREO, NX engineers

We outsource our best engineers. We employ mechanical, electrical and automation engineers who have many years of experience and extensive knowledge. As part of engineer outsourcing, our employees carry out projects from the draft and initial concept stage through to author’s control during implementation. They offer all the services that we would provide as part of traditional cooperation. So they offer comprehensive design support, strength calculations, implementation of industrial machines, production lines and technological lines, services related to robotics and robotic workstations as well as industrial automation, relocation of machinery and equipment, machinery maintenance and servicing, implementation of technical installations, CE certification of machinery, adaptation of machinery to minimum requirements and so on.

Our engineers have the following competencies:

  • mechanical engineer (CAD PTC CREO, CATIA, SolidWorks, etc.)
  • automation engineer (Siemens, Allen Bradley, etc.)
  • electrical engineer (E3, SEE Electrical, ePlan, etc.)
  • robotics engineer (Fanuc, ABB, etc.)

Engineer outsourcing – how do we work?

Our team building services consist in building dedicated teams at the client’s site. Settlements are made in the form of a convenient Time & Materials system. This mechanism involves establishing payment on the basis of the time the work is actually carried out and the materials used to solve specific problems and provide services. This is a very flexible model of cooperation, which allows for making any changes during an ongoing project. Therefore, an entrepreneur who decides to outsource engineers has full, ongoing control over what is happening in the company and to what extent it is necessary to use the services of IMI-Polska. Undoubtedly Time & Materials leads to substantial savings, as the Client pays only for the work that is actually performed. There are no insurance costs.

Engineer outsourcing – who can benefit from it?

Engineer outsourcing is a good idea for a large, expanding company that needs specialist support but, at the same time, wants to reduce the costs associated with hiring new employees. Our service is dedicated to all companies operating in any of the industries we serve. We have already successfully implemented outsourcing of engineers in the food, automotive, aviation, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agricultural, wood and rail industries and heavy industry. In every type of enterprise – regardless of its size and business profile – engineer outsourcing has met customers’ expectations and led to an increase in the company’s productivity and efficiency.

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Contact the appropriate department and receive the terms of cooperation.