Belt conveyors

It would be hard to ensure the efficient operation of production lines without belt conveyors.

Belt conveyors - our offer:

This is an absolutely fundamental element of any manufacturing company. IMI-Poland offers unique premium-quality systems that improve the production process and reduce costs. Our conveyors and transporters enable the handling of all kinds of materials – loose, compact, containers, cans and many others.

We offer a variety of reliable mechanisms, based on the components of the best manufacturers on the market. As far as conveyors are concerned, we offer, among others, this product in the variant of belt conveyors.

How do belt conveyors work?

Belt conveyors are the most popular type of conveyors. We produce this model most frequently because it is what our customers are mostly asking for. Belt conveyors can constitute a separate element – a device/machine. They may also be part of a large production or technological line. Belt conveyors also have their subcategories. In this respect, for example horizontal, rising and falling belt conveyors as well as belt curves should be mentioned. Which system is to be applied in a given company depends mainly on the needs and capabilities of that plant. Usually, the reason for using a specific construction is also the type of product to be transported by means of conveyors.

Where do belt conveyors work best?

Belt conveyors have numerous application possibilities. They can be used in almost all industry branches. They are used by companies operating in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in heavy industry and the automotive industry. They provide numerous advantages not only for production companies but also for landfills, sorting plants, warehouses and other facilities with a similar profile. In most cases, however, belt conveyors are used to transport small goods or loose materials.

Why is it worth choosing belt conveyors?

Belt conveyors offer a modular structure, thanks to which horizontal, ascending and descending belt conveyors as well as curved conveyors can be used in a single process line or production line. The advantages of this type of conveyors are also their relatively small dimensions and the possibility to install them in devices and lines with limited space. Belt conveyors also guarantee constant speed and sequence accuracy.

The benefits of belt conveyors





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