Adapting machines to minimum requirements

The specialists from IMI-Polska also offer comprehensive assistance in adapting machines to minimum requirements, such as those related to safety.

Adapting machines to minimum requirements – how does it work?

Most often adapting machines to the minimum requirements boils down to adapting a few, small elements. This concerns, in particular, the implementation of requirements relating to the appropriate marking of control elements,

their correct positioning, as well as certain modifications to the control system, the connection of additional emergency devices and the replacement of certain components with those with different characteristics or additional functionalities.

Controls - positioning and marking

Controls that have an impact on safety shall be visible and easily identifiable and, if necessary, they shall be properly marked. Marking involves placing legible inscriptions in Polish or by means of easily understandable symbols. It is also necessary to use the correct colours for start-up, stopping and emergency stopping controls. Such controls should also be placed outside hazardous areas so that their operation does not cause additional hazards. Our service therefore focuses on the arrangement of the controls in such a way that the operator is not exposed to contact with moving drive parts, tools, sharp edges and other dangerous elements.

Starting and stopping the machine

On the other hand, starting the machine should be possible only through a deliberate operation on the control system, which is intended for this purpose. It is therefore necessary to apply technical solutions which exclude the possibility of automatic activation, for example after the interlocked guard is lowered or the limit switch is tripped. The machines are also equipped with a control system whose function is to stop them completely and safely. The specialists at IMI-Polska know what technical solutions will ensure that this requirement is met. We design appropriate mechanisms which, for example, ensure that when the machine is stopped, the drive is simultaneously disconnected from the power supply. In addition, in order to comply with the minimum requirements, we equip machines with emergency stop devices, which are triggered in case of a problem, error or hazard.

Audit of equipment before compliance with minimum requirements

Before we start working on the machines and their adaptation to the minimum requirements, we carry out a detailed equipment audit, where we identify the nonconformities, analyse the hazard and assess the existing risk. We also prepare appropriate documentation in this regard. Of course, the aforementioned measures are not all that need to be taken to adapt machines to the minimum requirements. The legislation sets out a number of aspects to be taken into account in this regard. Our specialists, however, are prepared for any eventuality. The actual service itself, i.e. the adaptation of machines to the minimum requirements, involves the design, execution and start-up of all necessary solutions.

What are the benefits of adapting machines to the minimum requirements?

Adapting machines to the minimum requirements allows free and undisturbed use of the existing equipment. Therefore, it limits the costs related to the purchase of new machinery and equipment, as the cost of the service is only a fraction of what would have to be paid for the full modernisation of the existing equipment. Thus, adapting to the minimum requirements is a form of cost optimisation.

The benefits of working with IMI-Polska


Increasing safety


Reducing production costs


Improving quality


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