Relocation of machinery and production lines

We not only design and build machines, equipment and entire process lines, we also undertake the relocation of machines and production lines.

Relocation of machinery and production lines - how do we do it?

For this purpose, we plan disassembly, carry out a comprehensive disassembly with the uninstallation of all media, and transport the machine or equipment to its final location. Relocations of machinery and equipment and relocations of production lines are an extremely important pillar of our business.

For many entrepreneurs, however, it is a great support in the process of changing their headquarters, purchasing specialist equipment or a comprehensive reorganisation of the company.

We work using the SAFETY strategy

Relocation of machines and equipment is carried out in compliance with all relevant safety standards. We are properly securing the equipment itself and limiting the participation of employees in the whole process. We also implement individual projects using the so-called SAFETY (safe, agile, fixed price, engineering, on time, yield) strategy. Therefore, we have in mind the security of the investment, efficiency of the design and its execution, optimisation and transparency of costs, execution of the project on time, as well as full flexibility on our part. Our goal is to become a leader in industrial automation, machine manufacturing and relocation of production lines.

We offer comprehensive execution together with start-up

Ultimately, the equipment and machines transported to the new location are connected and started up by us. Moreover, we are able to relocate machines and equipment even during production, without fully disabling all modules. Such an operation is made possible by proper coordination, close cooperation between all those involved in the process and optimal time management. Relocation of machinery and relocation of production lines can be carried out in such a way that product recipients do not even notice production downtime. We carry out every order from design and concept to finishing and installation. If necessary, we also offer comprehensive maintenance services. We are fully flexible and remain at the disposal of our clients in every respect. We have already carried out hundreds of major and extensive relocation projects around the world.

Relocations of machines and production lines – who needs them?

Our machinery and equipment relocation service is dedicated to both companies that completely change their headquarters and those that transport only certain elements: a device or a machine. We operate in every possible manufacturing sector, including food, automotive, aviation, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agricultural, wood and rail and heavy industry. We are everywhere where you need to relocate machinery and equipment or production lines. We create unique solutions that are “tailor-made” to the needs of each individual company. We do not turn our backs on even the most complicated and unusual projects. Our specialists take on every challenge. The more difficult it is, the more rewarding the work becomes. Comprehensive relocations of machinery of several production plants simultaneously? Comprehensive unloading and handling including assembly of all elements? Installation of an extensive and complex process line? Relocation of machinery and equipment during production? These are no problem for us.

What are the benefits of relocating production lines and machinery?

We make it possible to relocate machines and equipment from any place in Europe and the world. We have all the necessary permissions to carry out transport of oversized loads. We do not only transport specific components, machinery, equipment and entire process lines, but we also offer installation services – from assembly to commissioning of the production and process line. Our effectiveness results from many years of experience and strong commitment to each project. We have developed a unique system that allows us to provide high-quality relocation services for machinery and equipment at reduced costs. Each service is carried out with appropriate coordination (schedule) and all formalities (permits, certificates, etc.).

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