IMI-Polska has an extensive machinery park, which allows it to execute various orders related to industrial production.

What is metalworking?

Metalworking is an extremely important branch of industry. Its importance is constantly increasing, because metal parts are needed in almost every manufacturing industry. They are used for various, often very technologically advanced processes.

Machining, on the other hand, is the process of manufacturing them. It must be carried out with great precision and using specialist equipment. The machining process offers a variety of services related to the optimal shaping of the metal.

What do we offer in terms of machining?

Our machining services include turning, milling, grinding and drilling. We have a wide range of different components, thanks to which we are able to produce almost every, even the tiniest element. We offer single, low-volume and high-volume production. To ensure proper protection of the manufactured elements we have the possibility to subject them to thermal treatment, consisting in hardening or toughening. All elements can also be galvanised or nickel plated, chromium plated or painted.

CNC turning and milling

The service of turning and milling, that is CNC machining, not only requires the use of technologically advanced CNC machine tools but also professional and reliable CAD/CAM software. Only with such a set of tools can we create non-standard elements with a very complex structure and shapes. Our machinery park and design office have all the necessary tools for this. We offer not only high quality, state-of-the-art digital machine tools but also the latest software.

Grinding, drilling and threading

Machining, offered by IMI-Polska, also includes various services related to grinding, drilling and threading of various surfaces. We provide comprehensive and professional services in this regard. Not only do we grind shafts, holes and flat surfaces, but we also mill planes, grooves and ducts. We perform all works with maximum precision, taking care of every detail of the order being carried out, because customer satisfaction is our goal.

How does machining combine with heat treatment?

Machining is also directly connected with heat treatment. We offer professional annealing and hardening. For this purpose, we use specialist tools and observe all safety rules for such non-standard and difficult work. We provide services for both low-volume and high-volume production. We are open to all needs and wishes of our clients. We undertake even the most intricate tasks.

Which machining equipment do we have?

We use top-quality equipment from well-known and respected manufacturers, which ensures the accuracy of the service provided. Our machining equipment enables the machining of almost any type of material, including steel structures, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminium and plastic. It is important not only to have a rich, extensive machinery park but also experience and properly selected technology. And that is what our engineers – the best specialists in their field – ensure. It is thanks to them that we can provide comprehensive services both in serial and single production.

What are the benefits of machining?

Machining – a process that is essential in modern industry – enables the highly efficient production of a variety of components. It allows to improve the quality and repeatability of individual manufactured items. Machining also ensures the automation of certain processes that are crucial in a given business. The manufacture of certain products is faster and more efficient. Machining also minimises material losses.

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