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We provide unique solutions to meet all the requirements of the industry.

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Safe and unique solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry in Poland has been growing quite significantly every year. This makes it a very important pillar of the Polish economy.

Its development is determined primarily by continuous investment in production, including production and technological lines as well as the purchase of new machinery.

Importantly, due to its specific nature, the pharmaceutical industry is subject to several specific safety requirements. IMI-Poland cooperates with many companies in this sector. We provide unique solutions to meet all requirements.

Benefits for the pharmaceutical industry


Convenient turnkey service -- from the initial concept stage through to fabrication, installation and servicing


Speeding up production time and reducing costs


Improving the quality and repeatability of the final product

What do we offer to the pharmaceutical industry?

We provide the pharmaceutical industry with a range of services related to the design and construction of production and technological lines, design and manufacturing of industrial machinery, support of our design office, servicing of machinery and technical installations, as well as the necessary certification. We are mindful of the dynamic changes constantly taking place in this sector. The pharmaceutical industry is continuously evolving. Therefore, we track changes in regulations, such as those concerning the principles of drug turnover, packaging, portioning and so on. We also study the changing structure of pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers along with their current needs.

Thanks to this knowledge, we can create optimal solutions tailored to the conditions, capabilities and requirements of a particular enterprise. The pharmaceutical industry profits from IMI-Poland’s range of unique products and services.

How do we operate in the pharmaceutical industry?

We consider the safety and efficiency of project management to be our overriding value. Therefore, we provide our services taking into account the principles of the SAFETY strategy (secure, agile, fix price, engineering, on time, yield). We offer our customers comprehensive products and services adapted to their needs. We can provide entire production and technological lines, machinery, equipment and various installations. We propose solutions that the pharmaceutical industry considers indispensable in the process of producing medicines. Our best specialists design, assemble and service a variety of solutions, including innovative lines for sterile filling of injected substances, compact disinfection systems, distillers, glove box and laboratory powder testers as well as special bottle fillers.

Sterile, accurate, compliant with all standards

We are aware of the importance of the sterility of the individual processes and the final results. We develop all our solutions bearing this in mind. We offer the help of our best specialists. The IMI-Poland design office employs more than 50 mechanical, automatic and electrical engineers. Our specialists have gained the necessary knowledge and experience over the years, working in many industries and on various projects. We cooperate only with the best — enthusiasts of modern technologies and extraordinary solutions.
Undoubtedly, the pharmaceutical industry provides us with enormous challenges. However, we face them by creating various constructions, including prototypes. Our innovative projects are highly appreciated in the pharmaceutical world.



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