Pneumatic conveyors

The best engineers of IMI-Polska create tailor-made solutions for the needs of the cooperating companies. Our clients can count on our full support. We offer them production lines, process lines, machines and equipment that modernise the enterprise and optimise production processes. Pneumatic conveyors are one of them.

How do pneumatic conveyors work?

Pneumatic conveyors work slightly differently than traditional models of conveyors, that is roller, belt, chain or vibrating conveyors, as their operation is based on a stream of gas, usually air. Gas generates motion which moves certain materials in a steady manner. We offer various types of pneumatic conveyors. These include suction-pressing models with tractor drive, suction-pressing models with electric drive, as well as electric pressing models.

The individual models differ mainly in terms of dimensions and pressure strength. In this respect, we distinguish low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure pneumatic conveyors. We also offer a variety of additional equipment, including pipes, injectors, elbows and face bushings.

Where do pneumatic conveyors work best?

Pneumatic conveyors are mostly used in the construction industry and agriculture. They can also successfully serve in the food and chemical industries. Despite their large size and extensive construction, pneumatic conveyors remain functional, efficient and durable. Our customers often decide on this type of conveyor.

What are the benefits of pneumatic conveyors?

Like all conveyors, pneumatic conveyors also automate the production and transport processes. This makes it possible to reduce production and transport costs and to limit the human factor. No personnel are needed for handling or transport work – except a person who will programme the device. We offer pneumatic conveyors with excellent parameters, which will meet all expectations of our customers. IMI-Polska relies exclusively on innovative solutions and top-quality materials.

The benefits of pneumatic conveyors





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