Robotics and robotic workstations

Robotics and robotic workstations is one of the key areas of activity of IMI-POLSKA, as robots are an indispensable element of all modern manufacturing companies.

Robotics and robotic workstations - what is it?

They simplify many activities and replace humans in numerous functions.
These are the characteristics of a modern and innovative enterprise of the 21st century.

However, implementation of such solutions in a company requires careful designing, developing and execution. And this is what the specialists from IMI-Polska do.

Robotics and robotic workstations – use

Robots or, to be more precise, robotic workstations, are used to automate certain technological processes carried out in a given company. These include, for example, welding, sealing, painting, transport and palletising. These activities often are a major problem for the company, as their performance by employees may last too long and be inaccurate. It is difficult to produce elements that are very complex in terms of design and technology with excellent precision. After all, details and entire assemblies of small elements used in certain technological processes can have very complicated shapes, sizes and formats. Thus, the automation of the production cycle allows for more accurate results. In addition, the whole process is speeded up and the whole company is streamlined. The only work that has to be carried out by people is to supervise and possibly set up and approve the planned work. Importantly, robotics and robotic workstations are topical issues for both small and large companies. Robots can be useful not only in high-volume production but also in low-volume production.

Design of robotic workstations

When creating such a robotic workstation, it is important to ensure not only its effectiveness but also the safety of the immediate environment, as workplace cannot pose risk to workers or third parties. That is why we design robotic workstations in such a way as to separate the robot’s work area from the operator’s work area. We design solutions tailored to the needs of a given company and space available there. We offer a number of innovative technical and technological solutions, including various types of covers, fencing and appropriate location of programming panels. Robotic and automated workstations may contain more or less complex technological instrumentation, all kinds of positioners, manipulators, devices for automating specific processes and also special automated devices.

Comprehensive implementation of industrial robots

Robotics and robotic workstations – IMI-Polska designs and implements mostly robotic workstations that perform welding, palletising and that automate certain processes. However, we are open to other types of orders. We are not afraid of difficult and demanding challenges. We work on robots from leading manufacturers such as ABB, Kuka and FANUC. They offer the highest quality and efficiency of individual components. As part of the service – robotics and robotic workstations – we not only offer the development of completely new constructions, but we can also modernise the existing robotic and automated workstations in a given production plant.

The benefits of implementing robots:


Improved quality and repeatability of production


Reduced production costs


Improved work safety


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