Welding equipment

Welding equipment is an integral element in the work of manufacturing companies. They are particularly needed where the production of large-series items takes place.

Welding equipment

They are particularly needed where the production of large-series items takes place. Therefore, to meet the needs of companies operating in various industries and branches of the economy, IMI-Polska offers a comprehensive range of welding equipment.

We manufacture tools on a turnkey basis, so we implement a solution from the initial concept to its manufacture, assembly and service.

Why is welding equipment needed in production?

Welding carried out by workers is never perfect, as it lacks the needed repeatability and effectiveness. That is why modern innovative companies make the decisions to replace the human factor. This is where a variety of welding tools come in handy. They allow to minimize the effects of weld shrinkage.
They make the product less susceptible to possible deformations, which may result from high temperatures that occur during the welding process. Therefore, the welding equipment allows to obtain a perfect structure with the right level of rigidity. IMI-Polska has extensive experience in the construction of machines, equipment and entire production and process lines. We know every single element of the production process and are constantly looking for new, innovative solutions to help improve it. Undoubtedly, welding instruments are an important part of this process.

How do we work?

Welding equipment is made based on a fixed scheme. First we create a preliminary concept in cooperation with the client. Once all the necessary details are established, we prepare a final draft. We are flexible in this regard. We are looking for the best solution. We achieve all objectives using the SAFETY (secure, agile, fixed price, engineering, on time, yield) strategy. Next, we carry out a comprehensive assembly and check the operation of the completed facilities. We also offer ongoing warranty and post-warranty service and spare parts for the existing welding equipment. We implement each project in a turnkey system. As a result, our clients receive fully professional services. We undertake even the most difficult tasks, not just the standard constructions. We also offer complex and unusual, out-of-the-box solutions because we are well aware that each company has its unique nature. Production companies pursue their goals in various ways, using a variety of designs and ideas, that is why they cannot be treated the same. Some of them will need standard mechanisms, others will reach for innovations and novelties. In both cases we offer the support of our engineers – the best specialists on the market. We make even the most intricate welding devices with special pneumatic clamps. This type is most often used in the automotive industry, which requires exceptional precision and accuracy in manufacturing welded parts.

The benefits of implementing welding equipment


improved quality and repeatability of production


reduced production costs


enhanced productivity and improved work safety


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