Chain conveyors

Conveyors are available in various versions. The market offers, among others, belt, roller, vibrating, screw (worm), vertical and pneumatic conveyors, as well as chain conveyors.

Chain conveyors - our offer:

The chain conveyors deserve special attention. IMI-Polska offers unique, high-quality solutions that will take production to a higher level.

When producing chain conveyors, we use the latest technologies and innovative solutions. The equipment we offer is “tailor-made” to the needs of a given company.

Design of chain conveyors

Similarly to roller conveyors, chain conveyors are mainly intended for transport of larger-sized products. However, it is not just about their weight but also their dimensions. Chain conveyors can transport even very long and very wide elements. To perform its function, this model has a specific design. It consists of a special frame, usually made of aluminium, drive and driven wheels, chain wheel bearings with double-row spherical ball bearings for adjusting and tensioning the transport chain.

Where do chain conveyors work best?

Chain conveyors are particularly suitable for transporting a wide variety of large and unusual shapes. Most models can carry a load of up to 30 kilograms per metre of rollers, and as a rule it is 20 kilograms per metre of rollers, while maintaining constant speed and smoothness of movement. Moreover, thanks to their unique design, which includes the free space between the two transported units (chains), chain conveyors make it possible to move even those elements that collide with the top of the conveyor.

Why is it worth choosing chain conveyors?

Chain conveyors are very easy to maintain and repair, as you can replace a single link instead of the entire chain. This model also allows it to be conveniently combined with other profiles or complementary technologies. Additionally, chain conveyors are directly intended for special tasks. They make it possible to transport goods of unusual or large dimensions.

The benefits of chain conveyors





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