Heavy industry

IMI-Polska offers comprehensive solutions for heavy industry. Our offer is not limited to advanced production lines, technological lines and industrial machines, that incorporate the latest technological trends. We also provide full support of our design office – the best mechanics, automation specialists and electricians – efficient servicing of individual machines as well as outsourcing of engineers.

Our clients:

Comprehensive facilities and unique solutions for the heavy industry

The School of Engineers is an answer to the increased demand of companies for highly qualified engineering staff.

Has it ever happened to you that during the implementation of a project you could not recruit appropriately qualified and competent people?

We experienced this, which is why we decided to improve the process of induction of new employees into our company.

We understand the importance of heavy industry because over the years we have been gaining valuable information on its needs and specific nature. We believe that heavy industry is the basis and source of development for other economic sectors.

Benefits for heavy industry


financial security of investment


implementation on time and within budget


safe and well-tried engineering solutions

Heavy industry – what are our solutions?

We design “tailor-made” solutions that perfectly meet the requirements of a given company. The systems we propose are fully integrated, supporting the individual units and departments of the company. Among other things, we develop smart production and technological lines, equipped with various stations, including robotic workstations, welding equipment, conveyors and transporters. However, we are not only interested in equipping an industrial enterprise. Heavy industry also requires the design of appropriate steel or aluminium structures. So we create different solutions, customised to the needs of a given industry, as heavy industry requires an optimal place for its activities

How do we operate in the heavy industry?

We cooperate with the construction, chemical, electro-mechanical, metallurgical, mineral, fuel and energy, as well as arms industries. We support, above all, the most developed sectors in Poland, that is mining, metallurgy and founding. We not only develop new functional solutions but also carry out comprehensive optimisation and diagnostics of production and technological lines as well as of all machines and equipment. We offer servicing by our best specialists. We also operate in the form of outsourcing in order to provide our clients with the most convenient method of cooperation, whereas the process of manufacturing certain structures is carried out on a turnkey basis. So first we create a comprehensive project and implement it in close cooperation with the client, so that the created solutions best suit their needs. Then we execute the order, taking care of every detail. Our next step is to check the functionality of the applied solutions – we carry out the assembly and test the operation of the installation. Finally, we commission the result of our work. Of course, we offer the necessary training for our employees, provide all documentation and ensure the required certificates. If needed, we also offer servicing of lines, machines and equipment. We are well aware that heavy industry requires special solutions and designs.

What are the benefits of working with IMI-Polska?

Our projects are carried out using the SAFETY (secure, agile, fixed price, engineering, on time, yield) strategy, which guarantees full safety, efficiency of the applied structures and timeliness. Our clients can also count on shorter production times, reduction of production costs, as well as improvement of quality and repeatability of the final product. Furthermore, we mark our solutions with the CE mark, thereby improving the safety of use by operators. Thanks to IMI-Poland heavy industry is evolving and modernising.



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