Farming sector

The best technological solutions for production — bottling, packaging and processing.

Our clients:

Safe and unique solutions for the agricultural industry

The agricultural industry has experienced a crisis in recent years. Farmers are facing various problems, including recurring drought and crop failures.

That is why this branch of the economy requires unique support and extensive facilities. IMI-Poland knows the needs of European agriculture. We have been observing this sector for years, preparing the best technological solutions for it. We focus on innovation, high efficiency, full safety and the highest quality.

Benefits for the agricultural industry


Streamlining of all processing, packaging, bottling and other processes


Reducing employee involvement in production, through automatization


Reducing production costs

What do we offer to the agricultural industry?

We design and manufacture not only agricultural machines, but also entire production and technological lines. These enable comprehensive production, bottling and packaging of fruit, vegetables, meat and various liquids. Also, we provide the support of our design office, including an engineering outsourcing service. Our team consists of over 50 experienced professionals — mechanics, automatics and electricians. Importantly, we assist in the certification of machines following the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
We also perform all services in accordance with the SAFETY strategy (secure, agile, fix price, engineering, on time, yield). We support various fields of agriculture and related fields. We design unique solutions for dairy, alcohol production (vodka, wine, breweries), beverages, juices, meat processing, vegetables, fruit, frozen food, pickles and preserves. We rely not only on food products but also on chemicals needed in agriculture. Thanks to our products and services, the agricultural sector is dynamically developing.

How do we operate in the agricultural industry?

We custom-design individual machines, equipment and entire production and processing lines. It allows us to offer tailor-made solutions for a given farm or agricultural enterprise. Our plants support production, bottling, packaging and processing. In collaboration with the customer, we establish all the conditions, assess the relevant parameters and design a solution that perfectly matches the customer’s expectations. The agricultural industry has diverse requirements. However, we rise to the challenge with the latest technologies, designs and innovative mechanisms.

What machines do we design?


Filling machines

We design, for example, functional filling machines. These especially support the process of bottling and dosing any liquid substances, and such automation results in improved efficiency and lower costs.


Packaging machines

The proper packaging of the final product is also an important part of agricultural production. We design and implement a variety of packaging, palletising and carton forming systems. This minimises the human factor and allows the goods to be ready for sale more quickly.


Processing machinery

Depending on the specific activity of the agricultural enterprise or farm, it becomes necessary to use different processing machines. We develop machines that enable their easy and intuitive operation.



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