Vibrating conveyors

IMI-Polska offers various types of conveyors and transporters.

Vibrating conveyors - our offer:

The choice of a specific type and functionality of the models we create is adapted to the needs of a given company, as we want the designed and manufactured mechanisms to meet

the company’s needs in the greatest extent possible. Our product range includes vibrating conveyors.

How do vibrating conveyors work?

Vibrating conveyors consist of three main components. The first one is the gutter for transporting materials, using the force of gravity. This gutter can be open or closed, straight or screwed. The second one is the vibrator, whose task is to force vibrations, and in this way it carries certain materials along the conveyor. The market offers eccentric, inertia, reactive and pressure vibrators. The third component is a resilient support or suspension of the gutter – it ensures durability and stability of the entire structure.

Where do vibrating conveyors work best?

Vibrating conveyors are used in various branches of industry. They are used, among others, in mining, metallurgy, construction, power plants, as well as in chemical, food and ceramic cement industry. There are two types of vibrating conveyors – with magnetic drive and with unbalanced drive. The former can be adjusted in fine or coarse flow mode, but it is not possible to add material while the conveyor is running. On the other hand, the second type – vibrating conveyors with unbalanced drive – provides more adjustment possibilities.

What are the benefits of vibrating conveyors?

Our vibrating conveyors streamline the production process while reducing production costs. Conveyors also make it possible to reduce the human factor in the operation of a production or process line. Our vibrating conveyors are also extremely durable and robust. They offer very quiet and smooth operation as well as low power consumption. In addition to that, they have a relatively low failure rate and the ability to transport different materials simultaneously. Like other systems, mechanisms, machines and equipment, our vibrating conveyors are also made in a modular way, adapting a specific solution to the needs of a given company.

The benefits from the use of vibrating conveyors:





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