Cosmetic industry

Comprehensive automation to accelerate production processes and costs.

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Solutions to guarantee the highest quality products for the cosmetics industry

The Polish cosmetics industry can compete with its western neighbours. On the global market, it distinguishes itself both by the quality of its products and the application of modern technologies.

Companies operating in this sector are constantly investing in the digitisation and computerisation of production and technological lines. Purchasing new machines and equipment, constructed in accordance with current technological trends. The production of cosmetics is also taking place on an increasingly large scale. That is why, with the needs of the cosmetics industry in mind, IMI Poland offers unique and comprehensive services.

Benefits for the cosmetics industry


Speeding up production time


Reduction of production costs


Improving the quality and repeatability of the final product

What do we offer to the cosmetics industry?

Our activities are primarily focused on comprehensive automatization in the cosmetics industry. The cosmetics sector undoubtedly needs new lines, machines and equipment, which will accelerate the process of cosmetics production and reduce production costs. Therefore, we offer services related to design and construction of industrial machines, production and technological lines, robotics, as well as the creation of robotic workstations, industrial automation, maintenance and servicing of machines and all technical installations. We also offer outsourcing of our engineers and the support of our design office.

How do we work in the cosmetics industry?

We carry out all services in compliance with the applicable safety rules and SAFETY strategy. We thus effectively manage individual projects and operate in a professional, timely and efficient manner. Our services aim to ensure that the original raw material used retains its form and high quality during handling in the production process. We also take care of solutions which ensure optimal transport and storage. Furthermore, it is the task of individual mechanisms to maintain the appropriate quantity and proportion of individual ingredients and the order of their dosing — in accordance with the entire technological process. We also aim to minimise the waste resulting from production. Of course, we guarantee the highest quality of the final and semi-finished products. If necessary for the achievement of the desired end product, we also develop solutions that create optimal conditions for the maturation or quarantine of the product.

The cosmetics industry – we take care of every single detail

When it comes to the cosmetics industry, we focus on taking care of every single detail. Every mistake or shortcoming, however small, can have an impact on the effectiveness of the entire production process. Possible mistakes are also connected with enormous costs and difficulties in obtaining specific components. That is why we use innovative mechanisms. We keep abreast of all innovations in the field of new technologies and also conduct research and development work to offer our customers with even better solutions. Our production and technological lines, machinery and equipment are robust and reliable. We do not allow ourselves even the smallest shortcomings. The high quality of our services is ensured by our best specialists — mechanical, automatic and electrical engineers — all of whom are genuine enthusiasts of modern technologies and extraordinary solutions.



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