Steel and aluminium structures

As part of their activities, specialists from IMI-Polska manufacture welded and bolted steel and aluminium structures.

Steel and aluminium structures - our offer

Thanks to the use of premium-quality materials, the products are extremely durable and strong. We offer professional and comprehensive services.

We prepare steel and aluminium structures that can be used in a variety of industries and fields.

Steel and aluminium structures – where are they used?

Our welding shop in Mysłowice holds the following certificates:
• URS ISO 9001:2008
• TŰV SŰD AD2000
• TŰV SŰD DIN EN 15085- CL1
• TŰV SŰD EN ISO 3834-2
• TŰV SŰD EN 1090
and the authorisation to carry out Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT):
• Visual testing (VT) – level 2
• Magnetic particle testing (MT) – level 2
• Penetrant testing (PT) – level 2
• Ultrasonic testing (UT) – level 2a
Steel structures are used primarily in heavy industry, including engineering, construction, metallurgy and founding. Aluminium structures, on the other hand, have proven themselves primarily in the automotive, rail and aviation industries.
In the field of industry, IMI-Polska primarily makes steel structures for various industrial facilities. This way we also create machinery and equipment based on steel solutions.

We will take on every challenge

We have our own design office, so we can work using the “design and deliver” model.
Steel and aluminium structures do not have to be of a standard nature. We undertake to construct even the most sophisticated shapes and structures. We carry out individual projects and investments step by step, from the initial concept to construction, implementation and servicing. Our design office strives to ensure durability and reliability of the developed solutions so that they meet all the expectations of our clients.

We offer comprehensive and professional services.

We offer professional and comprehensive services and, which is equally important, we not only create the design of the structure but also carry out its complete implementation. We also provide a service of delivery and assembly of individual components. We ensure that our services are delivered with speed and efficiency. The installation is smooth and done by our best specialists. Our steel and aluminium structures also meet all safety requirements. We follow the SAFETY (secure, agile, fixed price, engineering, on time, yield) strategy. Therefore, we rely not only on investment security but also on the efficiency and timeliness of our work. We also offer support of our professional and qualified staff. And all this with possible cost optimisation. Naturally, we use the top-quality materials. Individual components are supplied to us by the best manufacturers and suppliers on the market.

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