Automotive industry

We satisfy all the needs of the automotive industry. Thanks to IMI-Polska, entrepreneurs operating in this sector receive cutting-edge and innovative solutions. We offer comprehensive services, designing and manufacturing various constructions, “tailor-made” for the company we serve. Furthermore, using our technological and production lines, machines and devices, as well as other facilities and individual workstations, you can also count on shorter production times, reduction of production costs, as well as improvement of quality and repeatability of the end product.

Our clients:

Modern technologies and innovative solutions for the automotive industry

Engineer School is an answer to the companies’ increased demand for highly qualified engineering staff.

Have you ever encountered a situation when you could not recruit appropriately qualified and competent people during the project implementation?

We did, so we decided to improve the process of induction of new employees to work in our company.

Through our proprietary mentoring and training process, we have developed a fast and effective method of integrating engineers into project work.

We now share the benefits of this programme with our clients by enabling them to work with engineers we have trained.

Our engineers successfully work in many industries:

Advantages for the automotive industry


Improved quality and repeatability of production


Reduced production costs


Enhanced productivity

What do we offer to the automotive industry?

As part of our cooperation with the automotive industry we create, among other things, smart and reliable production and technological lines, equipped with various components. We deal with robotics and robotic workstations, conveyors and transporters, welding equipment as well as reliable technical installations. Our main focus is on maximum efficiency while maintaining all safety rules. Individual projects are implemented in accordance with the rules of the SAFETY strategy. In addition, we design and build industrial machinery and equipment for cellular manufacturing, as the automotive industry could not exist without them. In addition, we offer services of strength calculations, relocation of machines and equipment, machining, certification of CE machines, adaptation of machines to minimum requirements and many others. IMI-Polska is also open to cooperation in the form of engineer outsourcing.

We provide our clients with our best specialists to operate on site, directly in our business partner’s company. We are striving to promote the development of companies operating in the automotive sector.

How do we operate in the automotive industry?

We offer tailor-made, turnkey projects. Therefore, we take care of all successive stages of order execution – from the initial concept to the implementation of specific solutions and servicing of lines, equipment and machines. The clients who decide to cooperate with us receive the most comprehensive service possible. They also have full control over the entire process. We actively cooperate during project development and implementation, because we want the installations to best suit the needs of a given company. We use the latest innovative solutions in our work. If any technical innovation appears on the market, we are the first to know about it. We ourselves also carry out extensive research and create prototypes, which later enter a much wider market and quickly gain new supporters. Due to its dynamic growth, the automotive industry is a sector of particular interest to us.

IMI-Polska - we have an extensive machinery park

We build complete production and technological lines as well as various machines and equipment for the automotive industry. This sector has special requirements, so we use top-quality equipment and solutions. IMI-Polska offers a comprehensive machinery park. Our production hall with an area of 5500 m2 has all the equipment necessary for industrial engineering projects. In addition, the hall is equipped with an advanced pneumatic system. We also have our own laboratories where we continuously carry out research and development (R&D) works, looking for new solutions, technologies and structures. We design prototypes of new products that change the face of many industries and companies that carry out manufacturing activities, including the automotive industry.



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