Roller conveyors

IMI-Polska offers unique, functional and high-quality solutions in this respect. Special attention should be paid to our roller conveyors.

How do roller conveyors work?

Roller conveyors are reliable and multifunctional transporters. They feature a lightweight but very durable construction. They are most often made of aluminium, stainless steel and plastics, including polyurethane. Customers usually choose them because of their high load capacity.

Additionally, roller conveyors can be easily combined with other components of the production and process lines. It is possible, for example, to electrically connect conveyors to components such as optical sensors with headlights, motor starters and others.

Where do roller conveyors work best?

IMI-Polska offers high-quality roller conveyors. We provide conveyors and transporters in both gravity and driven versions. We can construct a device with a single gear or one equipped with special V-belts. Sometimes we also use conical rollers. The choice of drive type to roller conveyors depends on the specific nature of a given production. However, thanks to the use of durable and solid material, our conveyors and transporters guarantee top-notch quality. We mostly use stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanised steel as well as PVC sheathing. Roller conveyors are mainly used to transport loads of considerable weight. In this way, you can handle entire transport boxes, pallets or other items of large size and weight.

What are the benefits of roller conveyors?

Roller conveyors, like belt conveyors, are modular in nature. Thanks to this, they can be combined in any way you want. They can be also perfectly adapted to a given production or process line. Despite being designed for large and heavy goods, the design of the conveyors itself is light and mobile. This is a big advantage, because the roller conveyors can be arranged as desired. In general, however, various types of conveyors streamline the production process, thus significantly reducing costs.

The benefits of roller conveyors





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