Construction of production lines

The creation of a comprehensive technological line is a complex and multi-tasking process, which must be carried out in close cooperation with the client. As a leading manufacturer of production lines, we offer advanced technological solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. The production lines that we create are turnkey solutions. We work from the concept to the development of a complete system to increase and accelerate production.

Production and technological lines and systems – manufacturer

We are a manufacturer of production lines and we create smart process lines that can communicate with factory systems. Our solutions give you full control over the process, which at the same time ensures repeatable quality of the final product.

Production lines are sequences of individual workstations or machines which, when set together, are used for serial and mass production.
The individual operations are arranged into a logical whole, forming a technological line.
Thus, the production line can include manual workstations, automated workstations and robotic workstations connected to each other by different means of transport.

Design and construction of production lines

Designing is one of the most important stages of creating technological lines where, together with the client, we develop the concept of operation of the entire production line. Conceptual designs are often specified at this stage. It is also a good opportunity to verify the client’s expectations and needs. For the project to be complete, it must include mechanical, electrical, programming and, if necessary, construction works.


The stage during which components of machines and workstations are made first. Next, together with the purchased items, they are assembled to form a ready-made whole that carries out a given stage of the process.

During this stage, the correctness of the tasks carried out at individual workstations is also verified.


The start-up of the technological line is usually carried out at the client’s plant, with the participation of our company’s employees. During this stage, we make the final mechanical settings, start full control of the line and perform production testing.


This is the final stage of the work. This is the moment for training the client’s personnel and handing over the technical documentation of the production line and the EC declaration of conformity.

Processes of production lines

Proces projektowania dzieli się na sześć etapów:


Badanie potrzeb klienta


Przygotowanie koncepcji ofertowej oraz wycena


Projekt w środowisku 3D, symulacje i analizy, akceptacja projektu


Produkcja, montaż stanowiska i inii produkcyjnej


Walidacja oraz FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) w siedzibie IMI POLSKA


Dostawa i rozruch u klienta

Production lines tailored to the needs of our customers

Manual workstations

Manual workstations can improve employee productivity by creating an ergonomic space for assembling components. However, smart solutions make it possible to expect improvements in the quality and efficiency of individual technological operations at a relatively low cost.

Automated workstations

An automated workstation is equipped with a PLC that controls the process. Working elements are e.g. drives, servo systems, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, etc.

When combined with appropriate sensors, they allow for full automation and control of the process.

Robotic workstations

We supply complete robotic stations for production lines. Robots can perform technological functions such as, for example, welding or replacing a human workers in manual assembly operations. An excellent example of such a workstation is a palletising station.

Transport systems

Between individual technological operations there is often a need for automatic transport. We manufacture various types of horizontal and vertical conveyors, including for example:

  • flat and troughed belt conveyors,
  • screw conveyors,
  • chain conveyors,
  • pneumatic conveyors,
  • roller conveyors.

Other components of a production line include:

  • weighing systems,
  • dosing systems,
  • control cabinets,
  • work platforms.
  • technical installations,
  • and others

The benefits of working with us


shorter production times


reduced production costs


improved quality and repeatability of the end product

CE mark -
warranty of safety

Furthermore, we mark our solutions with the CE mark, thus improving the safety of use by operators.

We specialise in delivering turnkey production lines. We create concepts, design individual workstations and machines and put them together by integrating them.

CE mark -warranty of safety


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