Maintenance and machine servicing

As part of our activities, we also support the maintenance work at the customer’s premises.

Maintenance and machine servicing

These services are provided by our best specialists. We have a large team of professionals with many years of experience in this sector. They know the characteristics of many, even quite unusual devices and machines used in production companies. This allows us to ensure effective and partnership-based cooperation with the client and achieve the expected results. We implement the highest maintenance standards.

For this purpose, we use unique management strategies and modern tools and methodologies. We use PM, TPM, CBM, RCA, 5S, KAIZEN, CMMS and others. Most importantly, however, we carry out maintenance in a process-oriented and not a product-oriented manner. So we look at it more broadly, more globally, thus achieving much better results. We focus not only on the removal of failures but also on comprehensive prevention – preventing similar situations from happening again.

Maintenance – what does it include?

Maintenance and machine servicing are actually two separate categories of services. Maintenance involves ensuring that machines, equipment and installations involved in the production process are in good working order. It is a complex and comprehensive process that supports the operation of a manufacturing company. In this way we serve businesses operating in various industries, including food, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural, timber and railway and heavy industry. We are flexible in this regard. You can benefit from both a limited and a comprehensive service. We can take care of the whole company, specific machines and equipment or a separate area of the plant.

Maintenance and machine servicing – who is it for?

Maintenance and servicing of machines are services offered to companies operating in various sectors and areas of the economy. However, we recommend them in particular to those who are not sure whether the company’s assets are working properly, whether the entire possible potential of the company is being used, whether the current business model is sufficient to achieve a satisfactory financial result, whether the adopted business strategy is appropriate, taking into account all external and internal factors impacting the business, and whether costs and profits are appropriately distributed. All of these questions will be answered by a team of our best specialists. Importantly, we offer not only individual services but also maintenance outsourcing. Our engineers can work on site, at the customer’s premises.

The benefits of working with IMI-Polska


Reducing repair costs


Reducing the number of stops


Increasing production efficiency


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